Despite the current economic challenges Hertfordshire businesses are demonstrating high levels of resilience, so say the county’s leading business organisation, the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Over the last two weeks the Chamber has been conducting a straw poll of business members and the overwhelming response has been that most are holding up well in the face of an increasingly challenging economic environment.

Chamber Chief Executive, Tim Hutchings, said, “It is undoubtedly extremely challenging out there but by and large our members seem to be coping well. Indeed, some of our larger members in the high tech and pharmaceutical sectors are reporting significant numbers of job vacancies”.   

“Clearly those businesses that rely upon the housing industry are experiencing difficulties are going through a hard time but whilst others are having to overcome significant challenges they seem to be holding up well”. 

“It is very tempting in this climate to cut out a number of key costs but experience shows that those businesses who survive the most difficult challenges continue to commit sensible expenditure on marketing their businesses and training staff”. 

The Chamber has recently launched a Business Start-Up Scheme to provide a low cost package including free legal insurance, a 24 hr help-line and free banking for business in their first two years of trading. In September it will be launching a new on-line intertrading platform, Herts E-Plaza. 

Mr Hutchings said, “In challenging times good businesses and business people come to the fore, they see opportunities where others see problems. We will do all in our power to support Hertfordshire businesses in remaining as one of the Europe’s key business drivers.  

For further information contact: 

Chamber Chief Executive, Tim Hutchings - 01707 397400