The Hemel Hempstead-based children’s charity, Hope for Children,has launched a new identity to represent a change in its strategic direction as it celebrates its 21st anniversary.

Developed internally by Hope for Children's marketing team, the new branding aims to differentiate itself from similar charities in the sector and increase its brand recognition.

Chris Lyne, marketing manager said, “Over the past 21 years, Hope for Children has prided itself on using positive messaging to communicate the impact that our vital work is having on the lives of vulnerable children across Africa, Asia and the UK.

“However, with over 164,000 registered charities across England and Wales it has become increasingly difficult for a charity of our size to stand out in such a crowded market. Particularly in the last 12 months which has seen some of the larger organisations take a more upbeat approach to their marketing.

“With this in mind, we decided to place a greater emphasis on the concept of what makes a safe and fulfilling childhood and how Hope for Children is making this a reality for more of the world’s children.”

As part of the rebrand, the charity has redesigned its logo to reflect its warmth and positivity, whilst conveying the playfulness of childhood. An accompanying strapline ‘Because every child deserves a childhood’ has been introduced to reinforce its positioning.

The rebrand coincides with the roll out of the charity's new five year strategy which seeks to help alleviate the root causes of poverty and give more children the childhood they deserve.

Murielle Maupoint, Hope for Children’s chief executive said, “We believe that our refreshed look will help us attract new supporters who may have never heard of Hope for Children and in turn help many more vulnerable children around the world.

“When we think of childhood, we each hold an ideal in our mind as to what that should be – words such as 'safe', 'care-free', 'loved', 'play', 'opportunity' and 'fun' spring to mind.

“Yet for nearly half of all children in the world, the reality of childhood is very different to our ideals or definitions. Nearly one in two of the 2.2bn+ children in the world are living in poverty – not just in terms of income but also their environment negatively impacts their psycho-social and physical development.

“Hope for Children is committed to giving more of the world’s children a happy, healthy and positive childhood.We are improving their access to education and healthcare, empowering their families to support themselves whilst developing their confidence and self-esteem. Most importantly we are giving them hope.”

Since its creation in 1994 in the spare room of its founder Dr Bob Parsons, who was awarded an OBE in 2014 for services to disadvantaged children in the UK and overseas, Hope for Children has grown into a £1.8m charity which has helped over 47,000 children and their families in the past year.

Recent highlights include receiving two Comic Relief grants; one for its work in Northern Ghana where it has helped over 3,000 children and their families, and a two year grant for its work in Delhi, India where it has helped 7,000 street children.

Click here to view the charity’s animated rebrand video.