For over 50 years Hertfordshire Action on Disability (HAD) has been providing services to older and disabled people and in the last two years the number of people visiting them has quadrupled to 11,000 each year. They are looking to further increase the number of people they see and the area in which they see them.

Following a 100% funding cut from Hertfordshire County Council, they need to become a self- sufficient social enterprise and are moving into a totally different way of running and funding the organisation.

As part of the plan to achieve this they have identified the need for new volunteer board members. They need people from business who can help them become self-sustaining without compromising their high level of service and charitable ethos.

The skills they need are: business development, strategic planning, asset management, marketing and PR and they are looking for 4 or 5 more volunteer board members to help them move into an exciting new future.

The board meets 11 times a year (not in August) at 5pm in Welwyn Garden City. Occasionally board members are asked to join a smaller committee for planning an event or working on a specific issue. They hold approximately 12 fundraising events each year and board members have a rota for attending these. Expenses are paid.

Please look at their website on or contact Annabelle Waterfield on 01707 324581 for more information.