What: Hertford retailers support Teens Unite for Hertford Retail Charity Day

When: 11th July 2015

Where: Lance James Jewellers, Café Nero and Les Yeux

Three of Hertford’s established businesses will be supporting Teens Unite for the county towns Retail Charity Day on 11th July 2015.

Lance James Jewellers, Café Nero and Les Yeux opticians, will all be promoting the Broxbourne-based charity to mark the occasion.

Recognised for its bespoke items beautifully handcrafted in-store, Lance James Jewellers has been working alongside a team of the young people supported by Teens Unite to design a range of individual charms that reflect the workshops and activities they have attended with the charity.

The charms will be launched in the store situated on Market Place during the Hertford Retail Charity Day with a tea party and raffle in aid of Teens Unite.

Debbie Pezzani, CEO and Founder, Teens Unite has said: “We’re so pleased to have three businesses in Hertford supporting Teens Unite for the Retail Charity Day. It’s a fantastic concept and I hope some great publicity is generated not just for Teens Unite, but for other charities and organisations based in the local area.

The young people we support have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Lance James Jewellers to create products that are personal to them. Thank you to all those who will be spreading the word about Teens Unite on Saturday.”