Until tomorrow morning, approximately 12 noon, Phase 2 will be closed to allow local authorities to gauge and repair property (paving, lamp standards etc).  After that time Phase 2 companies will be given escorted access to enable them to deal with urgent priority issues and assess damage and security requirements.  The cordon will then remain in place for 24 hours to provide security and to enable businesses time to secure their premises.

Phase 3 area cannot be opened until the Fire Service deem it safe for this to occur which, we understand, they will do once they conclude their work on the Buncefield site.  We do not anticipate that there will be any further announcements regarding Phase 3 until 9 a.m. on Thursday 15th December.




In the meantime, advice will be available for businesses from 11 a.m. onwards tomorrow morning at Leverstock Green Village Hall which will also be the point at which the police will arrange for businesses to go onto the site. 


As today, business liaison will continue through Tim Hutchings, Chief Executive of Herts Chamber of Commerce on 07956 172208 and Chris Haynes, Dacorum Business Support Manager on 07968 403773.


In addition, the Business Support Line on 01727 813435 will continue to operate.