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We have ceased all activities, which has resulted in an immediate stop to any income generated by these activities. Unfortunately our reserves are not sufficient to see us through this period.


We have cut our costs as much as possible, but require funds to support salaries of our 3 part-time staff (Director, Fundraiser and Admin). This team is currently entirely focussed on securing our short-term financial position, so your support would release all of their time to enable us to focus on;


1. Finding creative solutions to keep our participants (disabled and disadvantaged children and young people) active and engaged through this period. We have had many messages from parents who are concerned about the impact of isolation and reduced activity on their child.


We have lots of ideas, including home activity sheets, videos, online activities, live yoga sessions and activities for teachers who are providing ongoing care at special schools.


2. Fundraising - with an additional boost of volunteer fundraising support we will develop a fundraising plan and energetically pursue funding opportunities, so that, when we are in a position to re-commence activities, the charity has sufficient funds to secure our long term financial sustainability.


Your support would help us to turn our attention to providing fun and creative opportunities and solutions for our participants and fundraising, so that Herts Inclusive Theatre can emerge from this crisis stronger.