Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI-East)


In conjunction with partners - EEDA and the Technology Strategy Board, The Strategic Health Authority is about to launch a business focused challenge fund looking for technological solutions to strategic medical problems in the region that will also reduce the carbon output of healthcare.  Hopefully with the support of European money through the ERDF, the SHA has committed to invest £1 million with a further £1.5 to £2m from partners.  The challenge fund will be open to regional small to medium sized businesses to compete for funding of up to £100,000 for 8 successful projects in year one.  The most promising and innovative solutions will then receive further funding (£250-£750k) for 2 years to enable product development trhough to a successful product launch.  The products will hopefully solve key health problems, reduce the healthcare carbon footprint and achieve employment growth and wealth generation for the region.



Contact Health Enterprise East (HEE) for further information: