The Better Regulation Executive (BRE) has issued a call for evidence to be submitted to their review Improving outcomes from health and safety. This is a wholesale review of the UK’s health and safety regulatory regime and its impact on low risk businesses. The basis of the UK system is the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, which allows businesses to self-regulate. The Act itself does not set out specific actions for businesses to follow in order to comply. For certain types of business and in particular small employers setting up and developing their own processes can be a challenge. The review uses a broad definition of ‘low risk’, which applies to any workplace where employers feel there is a particularly low risk of injury or disease arising directly from work. Commonly businesses in the following sectors will fall into this category:

 ~ Wholesale and retail trade;

~ Hotels and restaurants;

~ Communications;

~ Banking, finance and business services

~ Public administration and education;

~ Leisure.  

The review is particularly interested in how the regulatory regime could be altered to benefit small to medium-sized enterprises (employing less than 250 people) and in particular micro businesses (employing less than 9 people).

A full copy of the document can be downloaded from the following link

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry will be making a submission, if you have any points that you would like included please email them to by 16th January 2008.