The Red Rubber Ball Company are seeking 100 businesses to donate just £100 to allow 100 children and youth leaders to take part  in the “Anything is Possible” programme this summer.
“Anything is Possible” is a programme for children and young people from 11 years old, aimed at raising their aspirations and achievements.
TheRedRubberBallFoundation (a UK registered charity) has been working successfully in UK schools, so far to great effect with 450 children.
We have now been invited to deliver this programme in the summer to 60 - 80 disadvantaged children from across Kenya. They’ll learn personal leadership skills that will give them the best chance to make the most of their education and beyond, perhaps going on to university or set-up their own business, so they can escape poverty. 
At the same time, we will train 10 -20 youth leaders so they can continue to support these and more children besides – thus raising their own personal leadership skills and the capacity to sustain the initiative. 
We’re raising the funds so this can happen.
Donations will allow us to cover all costs most significantly travel, accommodation and subsistence for all participants for three days, the venue costs for the workshop and a presentation evening at the Bomas cultural centre in Nairobi.
The presentation evening will allow the young people to enjoy their own cultural heritage (dances and different tribal villages) and hear from inspirational Kenyan speakers from education, business and sport.
TheRedRubberBallFoundation has established a number of educational projects in Kenya, including a scholarship scheme which in 2014 is enabling 61 children to attend secondary school.
These can literally be life changing. Through “Anything is Possible” the children learn: 
  • to take personal responsibility for their life and what they achieve 
  • to have vision and set goals 
  • to take consistent action, even when it feels uncomfortable, to achieve these goals 
  • to be able to listen to others and communicate effectively with them 
  • to have an awareness of self and the impact that their behaviour is having on others, and 
  • to help others make the most of their skills and abilities.
Meanwhile the teachers and youth leaders will: 
  • participate alongside the children, gaining exactly the same benefits for their own life and aspirations 
  • be guided on running the programme themselves afterwards, and 
  • receive a toolkit of materials containing everything they need to run the programme over and over again – providing a legacy for many years to come.
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