Commenting on the next phase of the Growth Review, released today by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Adam Marshall, Director of Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:

“We welcome the focus of the government’s Growth Review on medium-sized enterprises, infrastructure and skills, which are key concerns for many businesses.

“For Britain’s private sector to drive growth, we need to help more small companies expand into the medium-sized business of tomorrow. At present, everything from employment legislation, finding staff with the right skills, and a risk-averse culture, gets in the way of growth.

“Medium-sized companies are often rooted in their local community, as important employers and part of local, civic life. We need more of these companies, and we challenge the government to sweep away the barriers that prevent Britain’s smaller businesses from scaling up for the future.

“Too many firms say they can’t find people with the skills they need. For decades we have poured money into a skills system that does not meet employers’ needs. Businesses want a renewed focus on basic skills, a high quality and consistent apprenticeship system, and management training that helps small company owners become strong employers.

“Improving infrastructure has been a long-standing priority for businesses, which rely upon the ability to move goods and services around the country, and do business online. Transport, energy supply and communications networks are the backbone for our economy, and are particularly important in stimulating regional economies.”

“We’ll look to the government to ensure that these priorities remain central to its pledge to create the right conditions for businesses. It must move beyond the rhetoric to deliver a reality that will help businesses grow, invest and create jobs.”