Every day in the UK people talk about making a change in their life and consider starting up a business. By connecting individuals to practical support and those who have done it already, Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 will help turn these exchanges into the businesses of tomorrow.

This year the week is being hosted in the UK by Youth Business International, and their Chief Executive Andrew Devenport says: “There is a great need to provide opportunities today that help entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and build the businesses of tomorrow. Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 is kick-starting the conversations that are needed to make this happen.”

If you’re a budding entrepreneur on Twitter then you can use #GEWask to share your anxieties, post queries about starting a business and get support back from others. If you’re not on Twitter, then you can still join in. Send your hints, tips and concerns to getinvolved@gew.org.uk and they will be fed into the conversation.