This is the first event of its kind in East Hertfordshire, tying in with Small Charities Week (Small Charity Week organised by The FSI) and the Give and Gain Day 24th June 2011 (BITC), which are both national events.

The day aims to bring together companies & businesses wishing to GIVE with community groups & small charities hoping to GAIN to make a REAL DIFFERENCE locally. Emphasis will be on allowing time for exchange and time to talk.  

The morning will focus on facilitated "speed networking", followed by a light buffet lunch. This will provide GIVERS with the opportunity to get information about a range of local projects and choose which they want to get involved with. GAINERS will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to the companies that will be able to help.

The afternoon will give community groups and small charities the opportunity to attend 2 out of 4 workshops, with themes such as" Funding Mix - finding funding in the current economic climate", " How Social Media can help to raise profile and funds", "Making the most out of networking" and "Corporate Social Responsibility - what does it mean". 

Who should attend:

1.            Businesses from all sectors with a local presence, such as pharmaceutical, gravel extraction, construction, retail, supermarkets, suppliers of gas, water, energy, landfill, waste disposal, communications, legal and insurances, garden centres/nurseries and many more. 

2.            Local charities, local councils and their sub-committees, playgroups, schools, clubs and any other voluntary groups and associations.  

Why you should attend:

For BUSINESSES, this is a chance to develop meaningful and sustainable relationships in the community. Give & Gain Day demonstrates the power of employee volunteering and is an excellent way of introducing businesses to the impact they can have in local communities and the benefits it can bring to their business. In particular, this can be an important part of the successful branding of a business. Employees increasingly see volunteering as part of the benefits package and it is a means of attracting and retaining good staff. Employers also find that volunteering is an effective way of developing skills that transfer to the business, such as effective team working and project management.

For COMMUNITY GROUPS this is an opportunity to network and showcase their projects - and  walk away with solutions for taking their projects forward. We need change on our doorstep and we need to communicate with each other. That is the only way to improve lives locally - as part of the Government's vision of the Big Society. 

How you can prepare for an effective day with a productive outcome? 

If you are a GIVER:·                

- Research the local projects/charities/groups you are interested in

- Think about which types of groups/charities you would like to be identified with (youth, elderly, Parish/Town Councils, sport, recreation, etc.)

- Be prepared to succinctly introduce your company.

- Be clear about what help you can give (monetary, in-kind, expertise, mentoring, "adopting", hands-on employee physical effort) and how much/how many employee hours you can offer.

- Be clear about the duration of the help you can offer (one-off, ad-hoc, through the duration of a project).

- Have a business card with the relevant details with you to give out, incl. social media addresses.

- Be clear about what you can do and what you can't. 

If you are a GAINER:

- Research the local companies you are interested in - particularly if you are looking for specialist help. Remember that funding your project or your services need not just be about finding cash. Be crystal clear about what help you need/want (monetary, expertise, in kind, exchanging ideas, physical labour, etc).

- Practise introducing yourself and your project in 60 seconds. Be crystal clear why your project/cause/charity needs help and what the positive outcomes are for the community. Why will a business want to be associated with your project?

- Have a clear idea of your project's time scale.

- Have a small "spec sheet" with requirements and your contact details with you to give out. 


Programme of the day

09.30am Registration

10.00am Welcome

10.30am - 11.30am Speed Networking Session 1

11.30am - 11.45am Coffee/tea break

11.45am - 12.45pm Speed Networking Session 2

12.45pm-01.30pm Finger buffet lunch

01.30pm - 2.30pm Workshops (each delegate can attend 2 workshops)

02.30pm Event closes 

Cost contribution£12.50 per attendee (excl booking charge and credit card fee) This event is about MAKING CONNECTIONS and CHANGING YOUR COMMUNITY FOR THE BETTER!

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