Gascoyne Estates invites you to attend their fifth Infrastructure Charrette on the 17th October, at The Riding School, Stable Yard, AL9 5NF. The event will bring together local public and private sector stakeholders to discuss the future of Hertfordshire: what do we want to become?

Gascoyne’s Infrastructure Charrettes have explored some of the most critical issues facing Hertfordshire.

·         How do we better connect our towns and villages to each other, and the wider country?

·         How do we future-proof our workplaces and thrive in the digital economy?

·         How do we ensure that the infrastructure we need is delivered, in order to make the most of the inevitable population growth?

This event will focus on Hertfordshire’s brand. Road signs on the way into the county describe it as ‘A County of Opportunity’. We must establish what this means, and how the story we tell will shape our future. This vision must be shaped with collaboration between councils, businesses and residents. 

So please, join us from 14:00 to 18:00 on the 17th October, at The Riding School, Stable Yard, AL9 5NF, to contribute to the future of Hertfordshire’s story.