A fresh wealth of experience has been recruited to the Department for Work and Pensions Advisory Committee which provides advice on employment barriers faced by disabled people and how to tackle them.

Six new and eight existing members have been appointed to the Disability Employment Advisory Committee (DEAC) to take forward its work during its second term.

Minister for Disabled People, Anne McGuire, welcomes the appointments:

‘’I am grateful to DEAC for their continuing support and advice as the Government tackles the employment barriers to work many disabled people face. The Committee has advised us on a number of groundbreaking work initiatives, including Pathways to Work and our cross government strategy to end the inequalities faced by disabled people within a generation.

‘’As we build on this progress and take forward the Welfare Reform Green Paper, DEAC will have an important role to play. I welcome the new committee and look forward to working with Members to take this ambitious programme forward.”

DEAC Chair, Sally Witcher, welcomed the new members who join as the Committee begins its second three-year term of office:

“With disability employment now top of the welfare to work agenda, this is an exciting time to be joining DEAC. I am delighted to welcome our new members who will add to the diversity of perspectives, expertise and experience that the Committee can contribute to the development of disability employment policy.”