Free procurement search service on

Following the Glover Review last November looking into the particular barriers faced by small businesses working with the public sector, the government are planning to introduce a free new search service on  This will enable businesses to access details of contracts right across the UK without having to pay, bringing a greater level of transparency to the public procurement market. You can register on the web portal (web-link below) and search for UK wide opportunities absolutely free of charge. 

Summary Of Business Support Measure: is a web based access portal that provides consolidated access to public sector contracts from across the country for suppliers, focussing on lower-value contracts (£20,000 to approx. £100,000).

Previously, businesses had to subscribe to access details of contracts outside their local area.  From 7 August 2009, they will be able to access lower-value contracts across the UK without paying.  It will still be necessary to subscribe (for a fee of up to £180) to receive email alerts of relevant contracts.

What are the key features of this measure: 

The measure is essentially the addition of a new manual search function to the existing web based service, through which businesses will be able to access nationwide public sector contracts for free. 

The service can be accessed through the following web-link - If you would like anymore help on procurement issues please feel free to contact Kevin at