Do you have broken computers gathering dust in your office? Printers which have had their day? Old mobiles cluttering up your drawers? Well, it‘s time for a clear out! 

On 08, 09 and 10 June, why not take your electronic waste to County Hall in Hertford where it will be recycled for free. This event is being hosted by ERP, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership (HWP) as part of a drive to increase the amount of electronic waste that is recycled.

Computers, monitors, mobile phones, video players, games consoles, microwaves, dishwashers, fridges, ovens, battery operated toys, power tools, electric kettles, televisions, electric heaters, radios, MP3 players, fluorescent and low energy light bulbs… bring anything with a battery or a plug on it and it will be recycled.

The valuable materials in your electrical waste can be recovered and used again. For example, the plastic from a computer keyboard could end up in a new musical instrument. The gold from a mobile phone could be made into jewellery.  And an iron contains enough steel to produce 13 steel cans.

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK.  Protect the environment and help save valuable resources by stopping this waste going to landfill. Recycling services are provided courtesy of Apple. All electronic waste collected will be recycled within the UK. 

All business and household electronic waste will be accepted so please let your staff and customers know about this event, too.  

Visit to find out more about these free electronic recycling days.  

When:                 Wed 08, Thu 09 and Fri 10 June from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm 

Location:             County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford SG13 8DQ

Staff will be on hand to help with unloading.