Disability Watford, the local Access, Information and Campaigning group for people with a disability in Watford are running free disability awareness sessions in conjunction with Macemark Access Consultants.

This is your opportunity, as a service provider, to gain an understanding of some of the problems your clients, customers, patients and staff encounter on a day to day basis as a result of having a disability. The aim of these sessions is to enhance awareness and understanding of some of these problems. You will pick up knowledge that will benefit you and help you deliver a disabled friendly service. Each session will last for two hours.

The sessions will provide information, hand-outs and have Question and Answers around people with disabilities accessing services/businesses. You will have the opportunity to simulate having a disability and then undertaking a simple daily living task that able bodied people take for granted.

By attending the session, you will benefit from advice on making your service more accessible to those with a disability and how it can increase your profit/funds, help avoid confrontation/bad publicity and increase your reputation by having a more accessible/friendly service. Also, the sessions will hopefully show you how much talent a person with a disability has, how they deal with an everyday task and how resourceful they are – abilities that they could bring to your organisation.

This event is free, but places must be booked before the event. Either email info@disabilitywatford.org.uk or leave a message on the answerphone 01923 245944. The date of the event is 20th March 2015 and times of Sessions are from: 9-11am, 12-2pm and a third session 3-5pm may be available if demand calls for it.

Venue: The Elton John Suite, Watford FC Stadium, Vicarage Road Watford WD18 0ER.

Free event, but any donations to Disability Watford’s future work will be welcome.

Disability Watford, 59 Clarendon Road, Watford, WD17 1LA. Charity No 1141836