It would be wonderful to think that the Chancellor might announce tomorrow that the Treasury had got its figures completely wrong and consequently he is going to award us all significant tax cuts. Sadly, however, it is clear that it will be nothing other than a pretty harsh budget in which further public sector cuts and increases in taxation are announced.

Prior to the budget the Prime Minister and his colleagues, made it clear that business would lead the country away from the gloomy depths to the sunlit uplands of a new prosperity needless to say I agree with him. I hope that Mr Osborne will do nothing to make it any harder for it to do so.

Following the news that the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Business Burdens Barometer showing that the cost to business of legislation since 1998 now exceeds £88 billion it is clear that if government wants any more it must resist any temptation to add to the burden already placed upon the shoulders of businesses up and down the country. Oh, and by the way mooted National Insurance rises aside, previously announced new regulations will cost businesses an additional £11.6 billion between now and 2014.

We understand the challenges that this government faces in returning the economy to health and are keen to support it in anyway we can to achieve it. We will, nonetheless, vigorously represent business interests to ensure that they are not undermined in their efforts to play their part. I very much hope that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has taken this into account.

Following the budget tomorrow I would be interested in your feedback to help inform representations we might make as a result of it.