Selling your products and services is an important part of running a successful business, and having the right mindset when it comes to focus and resilience is vital.

Over the next few months, sales-mind is running thought-provoking and innovative one-day workshops which are designed to develop these qualities.

CEO Mark Williams collaborated with a psychologist to develop the training courses that focus on strengthening mental approach. “Traditional sales training addresses ‘what to do and how to do it’, but not the attitude needed to apply it consistently. That’s why I wanted to develop more mindful sales training. Our workshops have been designed to encourage a more effective mindset towards business development and sales in order to maximise self-determination, clear thinking and personal effectiveness.”

Feedback from previous workshops has shown there can be phenomenal results. After being trained by sales-mind, one participant’s average monthly sales performance increased by a massive 97%!

Aimed at SMEs and sales teams, sales-mind’s one-day Focus and Resilience workshops will be held at the luxurious Hunton Park Hotel near Watford on 6th July, 18th September, 12th October, and 14th November. For further details and to book, please visit: