Through British Chambers of Commerce we have been lobbying this Government over the Red Tape Burden impacting upon business.

Everyone hates red tape. It is a red rag to many business people. Filling out forms can seem to be the bane of your lives. The Government agrees and intends to act.


In response to our lobbying the Government has appointed Price WaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct a measurement exercise across Government.


A parallel exercise is being conducted by HM Revenue & Customs who have appointed KPMG to focus on the tax and duty system.


The project provides the basis for a consistent analysis of the administrative activities carried out by British business required by existing regulation. The resulting analysis will show where the most burdensome areas of regulation are. As a result Government can prioritise and make decisions on how and where to cut tax red tape.


This is a great opportunity for British business to participate and be part of shaping the future. British businesses, small, medium and large, will therefore be quizzed about the red tape created by tax legislation over the coming weeks.


KPMG therefore needs the help of business – your help. We urge you to give them your support. In particular, we are looking for businesses who are willing to be interviewed. Working in conjunction with BCC and the accredited chamber network, KPMG may contact you directly to determine your views.


However, if you would like to participate immediately please e-mail your name, company and contact details to KMPG at: and alert your colleagues who deal with payroll, VAT and corporate tax by forwarding this email to them.


Thank you for supporting this initiative.