Today, MPs on the Transport Committee have urged the government to built a third runway at Heathrow as part of a comprehensive aviation strategy for the UK.
Commenting, John Longworth, Director General at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:  “Businesses across the UK will certainly be encouraged by the publication of this report. For too long, this issue has been a political plaything, and we are pleased that the need for more aviation capacity in the South East has finally been recognised. Future economic growth depends on a significant increase in airport capacity in order to provide international connectivity for passengers and goods. Greater capacity at UK airports will facilitate international trade, encourage inward investment, attract tourists and ultimately increase employment.
“The Transport Committee makes a number of sensible recommendations, which, if implemented, will significantly help businesses transport their goods and people around the world. The Committee has set out a clear, long-term aviation strategy which addresses the cost, connectivity and capacity concerns of the business community, and will benefit the UK economy as a whole. Now it is time for the government to stop dithering and make this strategy a reality. We know this will require bold decision-making, but the government must recognise the critical role that aviation has to play in supporting economic growth.”