Launched in partnership with Hertford Regional College (HRC) and other local institutions, the Academy offers a structured combination of practical experience and college-based course work leading to the specific qualifications that the apprentices will need to pursue their chosen career paths. In addition, Kelvin Hughes has constructed its own electronics and computer coding course to help the apprentices develop some of the critical skills needed within the Kelvin Hughes environment.

Kelvin Hughes based in Enfield is a global business which designs, develops and manufactures radar systems for navy ships and coastal and land based security applications. 98% of its revenues are generated from exports.

The four apprentices who have completed their first year are:

Abbie Vivers, IT Apprentice
“I am very lucky to have an apprenticeship opportunity and even happier to work for a major international technology company that is local to where I live.”

Abbie’s role involves providing IT support and maintaining IT equipment and she has now completed her NVQ Level 3 in Information and Communication Technology.

Ashley Dibley-Harper, Technical Sales Engineer Apprentice
“Apprenticeships are a great way to introduce young people into the working environment and gain key skills to work with others in a business environment.”

In addition to working on and testing bespoke radar equipment, Ashley is involved in business administration and will have the option of pursuing either a technical or a commercial career path at the end of his apprenticeship. He is currently working towards his Level 4 Engineering qualification.

Christian Zissimou – Marketing Assistant Apprentice
“I was very lucky to have the opportunity of an apprenticeship at Kelvin Hughes. I feel this is the perfect way to start my career.”

Christian is currently using databases and spreadsheets to manage the information of exhibitions in our market as well as managing some of the company events such Company tours and industry exhibitions which he also attends. He has now completed his NVQ Level 2 in Marketing and will soon be moving on to start Level 3.

Laurence Shepley – Technical Publications Apprentice
“I believe apprenticeships are the way forward especially as companies are looking for more young applicants with practical experience rather than just the theoretical knowledge that you would gain when undertaking a university course.”

Working in Technical Publications, Laurence is contributing to the development of the company’s radar product manuals and other documentation. Having recently completed his NVQ Level 2 in Business Admin, he is about to start studying for Level 3.

Over the course of the year, the apprentices have also benefited from their involvement in a number of important events that have taken place at the Kelvin Hughes Headquarters in Enfield.

In April, they met Prime Minister, David Cameron, when he visited the company as part of his election campaign and spoke to him about their apprenticeship experiences. They also had the opportunity to escort Priti Patel MP on a tour of the Kelvin Hughes site when she visited the company in her role as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury and also met Nick de Bois, the former MP for Enfield North, when he visited Kelvin Hughes to welcome the announcement that a local business was expanding its apprenticeship scheme.

In addition, Abbie, Ashley, Christian and Laurence conducted members of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce on another tour of the site and gave individual presentations about their respective roles in the company.

Russell Gould – CEO

“I am very proud of our young apprentices and congratulate them on successfully completing their first year. Having started out in my career as an apprentice I believe Abbie, Laurence, Christian and Ashley have a bright future ahead of them.”

Margaret Bundy – Human Resources Manager
“I am very pleased with the outcome of the Academy in the first year, it proves with a little bit of hard work from both the Apprentices and also their managers and many other members of the Company a scheme such as this can be successful, contribute to the Company quickly and help develop the future leaders of our business and industry.”

Ian Mowbray – Infrastructure Services Manager
“I started my career with an apprenticeship with BAE Systems, it gave me the grounding in a wide range of disciplines. Apprenticeships and degrees are equally important however working with our Apprentices has shown an apprenticeship is incredibly important in gaining practical skills and understanding the working environment.”