National Grid, in partnership with Morrison Utility Services, will be carrying out essential gas mains replacement work in Birds Hill/Station Road/Station Way, Letchworth, to ensure that we can continue to provide safe and reliable gas supplies to local businesses and residents.  

Work is due to begin during week commencing 4th April 2011, to lay approximately 1100m of gas pipe in Birds Hill/Station Road, and is expected to take approximately 26 weeks. We will be starting the work at the junction of Pixmore Avenue/Birds Hill and finishing outside 49 Station Way.  

The project will involve laying a new polyethylene plastic pipe, which should have a lifespan of 80 years and require little maintenance. The project will ensure that local people continue to have safe and reliable gas supplies for many years to come.  In order for the work to be undertaken safely, we will need to implement some traffic management. It will be necessary to use three way temporary traffic signals at the start of the scheme, with a footpath closure on the south side of the street up to the junction of Ridge Road/Birds Hill. Four way temporary traffic signals will be in place at the junction of Norton Way South/Norton Way North/Birds Hill/Station Road. From this junction the footpath on both sides will be open for pedestrians. A lane closure will be in place from outside 25 Station Road to The Broadway and finally a footpath closure and two way temporary traffic signals at the end of the scheme. We will maintain access for businesses and residents at all times. Any residents or business’s in Birds Hill/Station Road/Station Way, may be required to give us gain access to the property. Our operatives will advise if access is needed, and when once the work has commenced.  If any business suffers as a direct result of our planned work, they may be eligible for compensation for loss of profit under The Gas (Street Works) (Compensation of Small Businesses) Regulations 1996. 

 Further information is available on our website  Our National Grid Customer Support Team can be reached on 0845 246 1285.