Are you a woman already running your own business - or maybe you’re just thinking about starting up on your own? Either way, you can’t afford to miss out on the launch of Enterprising Women.

Enterprising Women is an exciting new programme designed to increase the number of successful women entrepreneurs in the East of England. Women have all the attributes and attitudes required for success, from freelancing to small business enterprise to growing a substantial company.

The Enterprising Women programmes will be supporting all stages of business life and all sectors across the East of England region. So if you are considering setting up your own business and wondering whether it is really for you, or you’ve just started trading, there will be a wide range of tried and tested early-start training courses available to you.  For example, they’ll increase your confidence and personal development, teach you what you need to know about understanding and managing money, how to research your idea, and market your business effectively.

If you are already an established business and are looking to expand, you’ll be able to benefit from a range of modular growth training courses designed to take your business to the next stage and beyond. These courses include strategic business growth planning,  investment readiness and accessing finance, differentiation and value creation, demand generation, strategic marketing, leadership skills and growing teams.

Over 2000 training places will be available throughout the region. All Enterprising Women courses and seminars are high quality, pragmatic, proven to make a substantial difference and deliver real benefits.  They are designed and delivered by women who understand the needs and challenges of starting and growing a business, many with successful first hand experience themselves.

No matter what stage of business you’re at, what sector you’re in, where you’re based, how many people you employ or whether you’re just thinking about business, the Enterprising Women programme will be able to help.

The exciting new membership community will be launching in June, free to all women entrepreneurs.  Both online and supported by dozens of events across the region, this community offers not only quick and easy access to all the training courses, but a host of other real benefits to businesswomen.  You’ll be able to create a full business profile to better promote your goods or services and also publish your own news and success stories. This is an ideal way to market your business for free and help drive customers to you and your website.  And the Enterprising Women partners will also be promoting the community across the region, the UK, and beyond, generating hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site.

There’s a really helpful central calendar which will give you information on all the events and training in your area and your business sector. Not just Enterprising Women events, but those from business organisations such as Business Link, Enterprise Agencies, banks, accountants, colleges, and the Chamber of Commerce. You can even promote your own events through the calendar as well!

Because we understand that it’s important for business people to have the information and help you need, when you need it, members can access a high-quality knowledge base full of helpful resources, whether you are a start up business or whether you’ve got high growth potential. There are guides, checklists, hints and tips on all aspects of business such as time management, writing a business plan, sales and marketing, strategic partnering, effective PR, successful team building, stock control, managing working capital, risk assessment, product development, exporting and many, many more.

Women in the more isolated rural areas of the region will be particularly pleased to learn that the Enterprising Women programme will also be helping them, with local meetings, face-to-face advice and support, and signposting to other sources of help. The regular e-newsletter will keep you posted on the latest news and information on what’s going on in your area to ensure you’re really in touch with all the events, training, people and information to help you make a success in business.

Much good work takes place across the East of England to encourage women to start a business, however, the overall level remains below the national average. More needs to be done to ensure that a more coordinated and logical approach is developed to help women start up a business and also help those already trading to grow their business, which is exactly what the partners of Enterprising Women intend to achieve. 

David Marlow, chief executive of the East of England Development Agency said: “The East of England is known as a centre of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit but in order to fulfil our potential we need to ensure resources at our disposal are being used. By supporting and funding Enterprising Women, EEDA recognises the difference strong and vibrant business women can make to our region’s economy.”

Bev Hurley, Chief Executive of YTKO and the lead partner in the consortium delivering the Enterprising Women programme said “All of the seven partners share the same vision and speak with one voice.  We are determined to make a real difference both to new and existing women-owned businesses, and to start transforming the way that things are done.  We want to inspire more women, at all levels, in all sectors, in all areas; giving them the skills, support and knowledge they need to grow successful companies, create incomes and jobs, and fulfil their enormous potential.  This programme is unique in the UK, and has already received the backing of dozens of support organisations across the region – together, we will lead the way and make this region a centre of excellence for women entrepreneurs.”

So, how do you make sure you don’t miss out? Well, it’s easy - just log on to the temporary website at and sign up for one of the free launch events across the region.  You can’t afford to miss out!  They’re taking place in Stevenage, Luton, Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge and Chelmsford between 26 June and 14th July.  Come and find out more about how you can benefit, meet with members of the partnership and hear from other local women entrepreneurs.  Places are limited so register now to ensure your place.

The Enterprising Women programme is part-funded by the East of England Development Agency and the European Social Fund

For further details please contact Harprit Panesar at YTKO on 01223 421468 or