Last week (29 October) officers from Dacorum Borough Council joined police from the Hemel Safer Neighbourhood Team on a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) enforcement day to tackle nuisance cycling in the Marlowes area of Hemel Hempstead town centre.


Dacorum Borough Council introduced the Hemel town centre PSPO in the summer to address certain anti-social behaviours in the town centre, including cycling in the pedestrianised areas of the Marlowes.  Breaching a PSPO can result in a £75 fixed penalty notice.


During the day, officers stopped a number of cyclists under the age of 18 and took down their names and addresses to allow their parents and guardians to be informed about the PSPO breach.  If their names are put forward again in connection with a further breach of the PSPO, formal action will be taken. Officers also issued three fixed penalty notices to people cycling in the pedestrianised area of the Marlowes.


Dacorum Borough Council's Group Manager for Environmental and Community Protection, Emma Walker said: "The aim of these events is to raise awareness of and enforce the Hemel town centre PSPO, particularly in relation to cycling in the pedestrianised areas of the Marlowes, which poses a real danger to others. We do not wish to discourage people from cycling into town. Cyclists can still cycle down Waterhouse Street to avoid cycling through the Marlowes."


Further PSPO enforcement events will be taking place over the coming months.  More information about the PSPO and the areas it covers is available on Dacorum Borough Council's website: