2016 is turning out to be a breakthrough year for green energy storage technologies.

Renewable energy sources, such as solar farms and wind turbines, provide an increasing amount of our national energy supply. However, renewable energy is often produced outside of peak demand periods and this, together with other factors is putting increasing pressure on the National Grid.

A number of green energy firms that previously developed solar farms, are now turning their attention to developing large battery storage facilities - containerised, intelligent battery systems - to support renewable energy generation and take some of the pressure off the National Grid but they, in turn, need somewhere to site these batteries.

‘Energy barns’ - as they are fast becoming known - are an attractive proposition for landowners, farmers and land managers looking for an additional source of income by renting their land.

Longmores Solicitors, which has offices in both Hertford and Harlow, has already provided legal advice to some of its landowner clients looking to capitalise on this potential revenue stream..

However, landowners and farmers who are considering diversifying by allowing energy barns on their land, need to be aware of the pitfalls including their legal rights on easement issues and lease agreements.

If you are interested in running an article on the subject of energy barns and the benefits and drawbacks faced by landowners and farmers, Longmores is able to provide expert comment or a complete article on the topic.

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