The East of England’s 6,115 hotels and restaurants can now identify significant cost and water savings in a new initiative launched this week by Envirowise, a Government-funded programme that offers free, practical, environmental advice to business.A range of informative new factsheets - available at - include tips on how to save money by reducing water use in catering departments and laundries, as well as tackling leaks and making the most of technologies for showers, taps and toilets.


Kate Haigh, Envirowise Regional Manager for the East of England, says: "Water efficiency is an issue that has regularly hit the headlines in recent years and supply and disposal costs are increasing. Yet sites can achieve around 30% savings on water and effluent bills alone by implementing simple water management measures.


"Taking action will also help lower the collective environmental impact in the East of England. And with consumers placing an increased emphasis on issues such as these, you may attract new business too."


To help reduce unnecessary water use, Envirowise gives the following advice:


* Carry out an audit to understand current use in each part of the site, for example the kitchens, restaurants, guest rooms, laundry and toilets. This will help identify areas with the greatest potential to make savings.

* Consider water efficient technologies, such as low-flush toilets, push/spray and timed taps and flow-controlled showers.

* When replacing old and inefficient washing machines and dishwashers, consider installing water and energy efficient models.

* A ‘laundry re-use' scheme, whereby guests are asked to request clean towels and linen, can reduce water and energy costs.

* It is also useful to check utility invoices and the volume of waste produced and where possible compare water usage per employee for hotels. Visit for more information.


To download the water management factsheets free of charge, visit For advice on improving resource efficiency and boosting profits across a range of industry sectors visit the website or call Envirowise on 0800 585 794.