Industry backs inquiry to raise profile of widespread benefits from UK space.Portsmouth 2 August 2006.  EADS SPACE’s satellite business, Astrium, has
welcomed the announcement by the House of Commons Science and Technology
Select Committee to hold a major inquiry into UK space policy.  The inquiry
will provide a welcome opportunity to showcase the substantial evidence of
the opportunities and benefits from the UK’s leading role in space.

Colin Paynter, EADS SPACE’s UK Managing Director said: ”This inquiry is
great news for the little known UK satellite industry – which generates huge
economic returns for the UK.  A recent independent study by Oxford Economic
Forecasting calculates the UK space industry is worth £7 billion a year to
the country in one of the highest value adding sectors of the economy.  The
opportunities are enormous in the high-growth global space sector and I look
forward to the select committee’s inquiry providing further evidence of the
benefits of space to the UK.”

The UK trade association for the space industry, UKspace, in association
with the British National Space Centre (part of the DTI) launched a series
of studies earlier this year to detail the benefits and opportunities in the
sector including economic, technological, educational, scientific and
environmental.  The “Case for Space” studies are due to be published at the
end of summer 2006.

EADS SPACE is Europe’s leading satellite system specialist. Its satellites
activities cover complete civil and military telecommunications and Earth
observation systems, science and navigation programmes, and all spacecraft
avionics and equipment. In 2005 EADS SPACE had a turnover of €2.7 billion
and 11,000 employees in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.  EADS
SPACE employs 2,100 skilled engineers, scientists and technicians at sites
in Portsmouth, Stevenage and Poynton.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2005,
EADS generated revenues of €34.2 billion and employed a workforce of more
than 113,000.