In these tough times, business looks at the bottom line.  

And with increasingly high fuel costs, traffic congestion, commuting delays, distribution problems and missed deadlines travel hits your bottom line. 

Now, you can improve productivity by joining a new regional business network that aims to reduce costs by improving your employees’ commute and reducing the negative impacts of their business travel. 

The new East of England Travel Plan Network will show you and your staff how to get the most out of travel and transport in the region. 

A tailored travel plan can transform a company, particularly if budgets are tight. It can reduce parking demands, cut mileage and fleet costs, improve distribution, reduce absenteeism and aid recruitment.

Whether you are in the FTSE 350 or whether your business is large or small, whether you rely on public transport or private cars, the Network has a travel strategy to help you and your employees save time and money. 

For more information on what a travel plan could do for your business and your bottom line -  and to attend the first meeting of the East of England Travel Plan Network being held in Cambridge on 23 March 2009 at The SmartLIFE Centre - contact Chris McGachy by e-mail on or by telephone on 07932 730310. 

This event is being co-hosted and supported by the East of England Development Agency, The National Business Travel Network and BAA Stansted.  There is no cost for attending.

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