The Dragons' Apprentice Challenge is a unique initiative which brings together partners in business (the Dragons), local schools (the Apprentices) and local charities.  The students are tasked with turning £100 into £1000 for a local community group or charity through a business venture, under the guidance and support of a dragon.  At a celebration event in March 2013, a number of awards will be presented by a panel of SuperDragons.

The Benefits of Getting Involved

There are a number of benefits for you and your business:

It creates an innovative opportunity for staff development and training by introducing young people to new challenges, experiences and skills

It provides mentoring opportunities for young people who may become employees of the future

It enhances awareness and reputation of your company in the local community with your customers, suppliers and staff

It engenders increased staff satisfaction and motivation through working for a company that makes a difference to their local community 

It creates opportunities for business to demnstrate their CSR credentials in a tangible way.

Full details on how you can get involved and what will be required of you can be found at