The world is changing fast, very fast.  New disruptive technologies and social changes are bringing about shifts in the business environment.  If you sit still you won't survive. Don't you agree, there is an enormous benefit of getting away from the day job and meeting like-minded individuals to consider the future of technology and its impact on your organisation's survival?

Herts Chamber member PathFinder4, is sharing it's passion for surviving disruptive innovation in a serious of workshops.  Successfully delivered to large companies, PathFinder4 have opened up these strategic workshops to a wider audience.  They promise a thought-provoking time where your eyes will be opened up to the technologies and business models that will affect your the future.  

Join PathFinder4 to learn and interact with Marc Dowd, former lead advisor on business technology at Forester Research who has advised Clifford Chance, Liklaters, ASOS, DHL and Ikea to name a few.

Surviving Technological Disruption for Senior Executives, 4th July, London

Alarmingly Microsoft reported that 50% of executives believe their business model will not exist in 5 years time.  Will this be the case for you? Digital transformation goes far beyond customer experience and internal process improvements. Massive social and technological change are enablers for new start-ups and new competitors from other sectors to challenge existing corporates on their home ground. Whilst many organisations are only just getting to grips with digitisation, a whole new level of disruption lies around the corner. This is a chance for you to get away from day to day distractions and explore the impact of disruption on your own business model.  Time for you to prepare for the future.  Book online on Eventbrite.

Disruptive Innovation in the Law Sector - A Workshop for Surviving, 14th June, London

The practice of law is about to change rapidly.  Most Lawyers don't really understand what is coming and don't realize that it is easier than they think to capitalize on this change with small budgets and little technical knowledge.  

Huge investments are being made by technology companies to mechanise and deskill large swaths of the industry. Proactive lawyers will use this to their advantage. The rest will get left behind.  This is a thought provoking, eye opening session for Senior Excutives and Partners in law firms,which gives  a roadmap for taking real action. Book online on Eventbrite

Specialist workshops for lawyers advising clients in the Retail Sector and Financial Services are also available.  For a full range of workshops visit


The greatest value workshops of all are those that are developed specifically to meet your business need. And this is when the buzz really happens.  PathFinder4 regularly works with organisations and teams to develop strategies that capitalise on how emerging technological and social trends are going to affect your specific business. The PathFinder4 team and ecosystem can help you to navigate disruption, to create something new, something that with help your businesses survive and thrive through all this rapid change. To discuss individual requirements contact