In support of our charity partner, HOME-START HERTFORDSHIRE, we are running an exclusive, 2 hour Digi-Sprint on Wednesday 15th April at 10am, in which we will provide practical guidance on how to:


  • Learn how to create an effective marketing strategy in a crisis
  • Discover innovative ways to adapt your services and meet your customers’ needs
  • Find out how to create new opportunities for you and your team
  • Get top tips on how to increase your online visibility and lead generation
  • Gain an insight into innovative online channels and ways to help ensure your business remains seen by your target audience
  • Think long-term, and learn more about getting ready for any potential industry booms in 2021



The event is free and all we ask is that you donate what you feel the training is worth to your business. 100% of all money will be donated to Home-Start-Herts directly. The current global pandemic is testing business and organisations across the country. But those who can take a hold of their assets, be dynamic and remain flexible in their service offering will come out the other end stronger than ever. That all starts with marketing.