An award-winning leadership and development programme that has been operating in Suffolk and Essex has been given government funding to spread across the Eastern Region. 

The “Learning Champions” Programme is a work-based development package designed to encourage and build upon the potential with your work-force.

The personal tuition; the training materials and the on-line support are all provided at no cost to the employer. At the end of the 30 hour learning programme your champions will be able to:

  • Work out what your companies development needs are,
  • Find the cheapest and most effective training solutions (some of the solutions may be free)
  • Show you the return on your investment on development.

They’ll also have a recognised OCN qualification.


The Akenham Partnership are launching this programme with a series of events around the region. For further information on how this programme can help your organisation contact Edward Voller, or Vivienne Wiggins, on 01223 421155., or