Earlier this month BIS Minister Michael Fallon announced that the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills are looking for two Entrepreneurs in Residence with the aim to bring small businesses and entrepreneurs in to the heart of government in order to ensure that policy decisions have the small firm perspective taken into account from the very outset.

There are two positions:
o One for a start up entrepreneur,  to share their experience of starting a business today;
o The other for a more experienced entrepreneur.

They will spend a day a week in government, in order to raise awareness and understanding of start ups and SMEs and to advise on government policy.

To make this a success, it is critical that they get the right people. 

The deadline for our search is 21 December.  If you have any detailed questions about the Entrepreneurs in Residence please contact Charlotte O’Connor – 020 7215 1558, charlotte.o’connor@bis.gsi.gov.uk.  Further information about the posts and application and process is available at http://www.bisrecruitment.com.