Hertfordshire businesses – along with those the world over – are losing millions of pounds to cybercriminals every year.  Many of these crimes are simple frauds that exploit the remote nature of technology, which makes impersonating someone else far easier than it would be to do so in person.


Two of the most common types are:


•             Mandate fraud – for example, providing a fake change of bank details for an invoice, and 

•             CEO spoofing – for example, sending an email as if it was from a senior employee directing money to be paid somewhere


If your business has been a victim of either of these, or any other type of cybercrime, we would like to hear your story.  


Working together in partnership, the Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd, Hertfordshire County Council Trading Standards and Hertfordshire Constabulary are putting together a series of cybercrime prevention podcasts to raise awareness of the simple steps that businesses can take to keep their livelihoods secure.


We are looking for victims who would be prepared to discuss what happened to them on one of these short podcasts – anonymously if preferred – so that we can share those stories with other businesses and reduce the chance of them falling for the same (and other) scams.


Even if you would rather not appear on a podcast, we would still like to hear your story so that we can use anonymous case studies so do please get in touch. If you would be happy to help us, please send an email with a name and contact number to CyberProtect@hertfordshire.gov.uk and we will call you to discuss further.