Region: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
The Technology Strategy Board has extended the Creative Industries Feasibility Studies Competition and has introduced new deadlines for submission of applications.This initiative is intended to help companies access the external expertise needed to turn novel ideas into winning propositions and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration.SMEs are invited to apply for up to £15,000 of grant funding to invest in exploratory studies which could lead to the development of new products, processes, models, experiences or services.This grant is to be used to identify and work with potential partners to develop an early demonstrator, proof of principle or a detailed product development proposal.The fund is available to companies and studies which meet the following criteria:

The lead applicant is based in an SME.

The company’s normal business activities fall under one of the 13 sub-sectors that make up the creative industries (art & antiques; architecture; design, music, computer games & video, film, advertising, TV & radio, publishing, performing arts, crafts, software, designer fashion).

Award of funds will not take the organisation over the State Aids threshold for receipt of public sector funds.

The study supports the exploitation of a particular technology, for example materials, textiles, ICT, electronics.

The study is focussed on developing new, or increasing the competitive advantage of, existing products, experiences and services.

The study involves identifying and working with new potential partners.


The project will be completed within six months.

The next two deadlines for the receipt of applications are 17 November 2008 and 19 January 2009.

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