At the time of writing, we are in the early weeks of lockdown and there is still much uncertainty. But people are organising and adapting already. They are finding new ways to work, educate, parent, shop and show support for each other. If there’s one thing people are good at, it’s adapting in order to survive – and this applies even more to businesses.

A new age for recruitment

So, while things will inevitably quieten over the next couple of months, we anticipate recruitment picking up and continuing as this situation eases. In fact, this could be the beginning of new ways of working – and recruiting.
Remote and flexible working were increasingly both the most important benefits that applicants looked for and offered by recruiters. However, the current situation has taken what were occasional ‘perks’ and forced both employers and employees to make home-working the norm for almost all colleagues. The future ramifications of this for businesses could be colossal. If the majority of staff work at home, recruitment overheads – particularly in terms of premises and all associated costs – could be slashed, leaving organisations with the potential to recruit and expand their teams like never before.

Pooling talent during lockdown

TalentHQ Recruitment remains very much open to anyone who wants to discuss recruitment throughout lockdown and beyond. We anticipate people will be looking for new roles during this time for many reasons – from difficulties with their current job to this situation making them reassess things and finally take the leap into a new career. We can provide you with full support remotely during this time via email, phone and face-time interviews so that you are registered and ready to go as soon as people begin recruiting.

We are here to support you

Whether you are one of the businesses who is seeing increased demand due to lockdown and needs to recruit quickly or you are considering a new career for whatever reason, we are encouraging everyone to talk to us before they do anything else so we can advise them on recruiting during or after lockdown, updating their CV, the best time to look for roles, the sectors that we think will be recruiting first etc.

Call our Managing Director Emma Brindle directly on 01438 908240/07891 019332 or email her at TalentHQ Recruitment – we are here to support you.