Broxbourne Borough Council’s recycling rate has steadily increased in recent years, due to a requirement of all developers to provide secure and accessible bin storage, suitable for dedicated recycling containers as well as refuse bins.

Managing agents and landlords who work with The Council are required to provide suitable space for communal recycling bins. Paper and cardboard collected from kerbside boxes, communal bins at blocks of flats and from the large capacity bins at all Recycling Points in the Borough is collected from the Council’s depot several times a week, and despatched to paper mills in Norfolk and North Wales.

Recently, the Council received two loads of material returned from the paper mills as it contained high concentrations of mixed rubbish in black plastic rubbish bags. The Council is obliged to sort through the contaminated paper and remove the waste products. The material is then sent back to the paper mills, which unfortunately undermines the benefits of the recycling process. The economical, operational and environmental damage caused by just a few has negative impacts on the efforts of so many.

Subsequent checks of recycling collected from the 11 Recycling Points across the Borough has disappointingly found considerable amounts of domestic waste, particularly food waste and soiled nappies, mixed with the contents of the paper, card and plastic and cans recycling, collected from the dedicated material bins.

The importance of recycling is becoming increasingly known however unfortunately, anti-social behaviour can have a significantly damaging impact on existing efforts. Residents are encouraged to read Broxbourne Council’s Recycling Guide, which can be found at, in order to prevent contamination issues. Recycling should be clean and properly organised into the correct bins, bins at the Recycling Points should be used responsibly and any household waste, bulky or electrical items should be taken to the Household Waste and Recycling Points and not to the Recycling (ONLY) Points.

With the festive season approaching, residents and members of the public are kindly reminded to take extra care with their waste.

For further information on how to recycle responsibly within the Borough, please visit