The European Commission is considering a revision of the current EU rules to improve the protection of businesses from misleading advertising and marketing and your input is needed to help decide how these EU rules should be strengthened!

Misleading advertising and marketing practices include a wide range of practices that aim to deceive businesses regarding the price, quality and/or nature of a particular good or service.

This questionnaire aims to collect information from businesses about your experiences of marketing practices in a B2B (‘Business to Business’) situation. The responses will provide evidence for a Commission study to assess the extent of the problem of misleading advertising and marketing.

The Enterprise Europe Network, which is partly funded by the EC, plays a crucial role in relaying issues from small businesses back to Brussels, particularly on how EU regulations can impose costs on their operations.

The questionnaire can be downloaded HERE 

If you would like to know more about how we help companies relay their views to the EU you may want to visit our website and watch the video!  

Please return completed questionnaires to us at: or post to:

The Enterprise Europe Network,
Biopark, Broadwater Road,
Welwyn Garden City,
AL7 3AX.

We will then forward all completed questionnaires back to the European Commission.
The deadline to submit the questionnaire is Friday 15th February 2013.