To help more SMEs do more of their business online, CONNECTS have decided to offer non-chamber members a 3 months free trial for CONNECTS instead of the current 30 days. With this extension we want to help entrepreneurs and business communities in their fight against the #COVID19 crisis. The offer is valid from April 2020 until 30 September 2020 for all SMEs worldwide.


These are tough times to run a business. The world is changing, and companies eventually need to prepare themselves for the post-crisis situation.With the coronavirus crisis, there is no doubt that the new normality of developing business for many will be more digital. Businesses around the world must develop more resilience, making themselves less dependent on personal meetings and contacts.  Chambers of commerce can play a critical role in this new digital business world with CONNECTS by providing opportunities members can trust, provide local knowledge and personal introductions.


By supporting SMEs on CONNECTS chambers can help companies survive and leverage their business activities during and beyond the COVID19 crisis: 

  • Helping SMEs to continue buying, selling and connecting 
  • Providing SMEs with a larger pool of trusted companies to do business with
  • Helping SMEs reach out to Chambers for local knowledge and personal introductions

We will be implementing the change during the coming week.