Hertfordshire based cocktail company Icely Done have repurposed their drinks kitchen in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to manufacture WHO formulated hand sanitiser to meet the increasing demand. 

With bars and clubs shutting across the country, Icely Done took the decision to seek other avenues and help the community. With supplies running low within the NHS, it made sense to use their kitchen to create medical grade hand sanitiser. 

After developing the legal ability to manufacture hand sanitiser in high volumes, this week Icely Done have begun fulfilling orders for NHS trusts and those continuing to carry out essential work. 

Lefti Christodoulou, Icely Done’s founder said “Like many businesses across the UK, the last couple of months have been challenging – especially in the hospitality sector. We have successfully managed to produce World Health Organisation standard hand sanitiser to help ease shortages in the NHS and for key workers up and down the country.”

“It has been a learning experience, but as a small business we were able to quickly adapt to difficult circumstances.”

“At Icely Done, we have a thirsty for the remarkable, but what’s truly remarkable is seeing our community come together and being able to play our part in that.”

The current situation means there has been a change of pace at Icely Done, but they have been able to quickly adapt to contribute to those pulling together to help fight Coronavirus by successfully producing medical grade hand sanitiser, to ensure key workers and NHS staff are able to stay protected and work safely. 

If you are a business in Hertfordshire needing to buy hand sanitiser in bulk, you can get in touch with Icely Done by emailing Lefti at lefti@icelydone.com