The CHEXS Self Esteem Enrichment Team have continued supporting their 100 mentoring Children.

Since September there has been regular one to one / group work however as schools are closed CHEXS is now utilising technology to continue to guide the children via video call, these calls were held with children from Four Swannes, Longlands and Woodside Primary School. It was lovely catching up with the children and their families!

Topics of discussion very much focused on how they were coping during this very difficult time in Isolation. The children and families that CHEXS spoke to were able to offer some ‘Top Tips’ that they wanted to share with their friends, family, neighbours and the local community.

Child quote: “Try to get along with your family and be happy. I have enjoyed making a sponge cake from scratch, with my nan and the other day I made sausage rolls with grandad.”

Parent recommendation: A parent expressed that being Mindful was especially important at this time. She shared the following book as a possible source of help; Be Kind – An activity book for young people who care about others (Stephanie Clarkson and Katie Abey- Author / Illustrator)

Many of the children and young people CHEXS have spoken to are missing the 'face to face' interaction with their friends despite contacting them through social media.

Do you feel this way too or are there other things that are worrying you? Let us know, we are here to help!

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