Six years ago (2013), our CEO Michael McGrath embarked on a what became a long journey to find out how the Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) charity could measure and ultimately, academically validate its impact… in a way never achieved before.

Whilst an extremely ambitious goal for a small charity, the significant investment of time underpinned by the pursuit to evidence the ‘purity of the charity’s impact’ has now been attained.

The aim was to establish in a compelling way, the lasting impact of MHF’s work and in the process, create a platform to attract ‘new donor relationships’, ‘corporate partners’ and ‘funding support’ to ultimately help reduce the growing waitlist of nominations, thus enabling MHF to move closer to its goal of delivering 657 Muscle Dreams, one for every muscle in the human body.


Michael McGrath, MHF’s Founder & CEO said:


“I’m delighted to announce that in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, the goal to academically validate our charity’s impact has finally been achieved. Recognising the greater demands for accountability and transparency, the outcomes of this work give a compelling case for support in not only showing what MHF has accomplished and the difference it makes in the communities it serves, but it will also be the charity’s greatest asset for the future in establishing new corporate partnerships

The mixed-methods retrospective report titled ‘Evaluation of the impact of Muscle Dream experiences’ is the culmination of a substantial piece of research drawn from six years of quantitative and qualitative data. The rigorous analysis highlighted specific strengths of the Muscle Dream intervention, not least the ‘restoration of hope’ for beneficiaries and families.”

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