We help prevent substance misuse by offering the much-needed support to individuals via 1 on 1 sessions, workshops and educational speeches. Currently based in Stevenage and operating in Hertfordshire, with plans of expansion in the very near future.

Our programs are inclusive to everyone, not just for those in substance abuse or already experimenting on a regular basis. Anyone can fall into addiction or become a victim of crime and it only takes once for a death to happen from substances.





We are educating children in school from year 4 all the way to year 13 about substance abuse and the negative effects and dangers that come along with it. Our goal is for our educational speeches and workshops to spread awareness about substance misuse and help individuals of all ages to overcome situations where substances may be present. Our educational programme is also available to parents, guardians, staff and organisations.

Our engaging workshops allow all attendees to learn about drug and alcohol misuse, grooming, and crime implications, as well as common themes/trends and empowering people to take a role within change for not only their futures, but others as well as their children’s futures.

Furthermore, we have created unique projects and smaller workshops regarding anxiety, self-harm and grooming. All of which are facilitated as a group program and 121’s. The programs on previous findings of working with offenders and substance misusers over the last 9 years, which has highlighted that there are general common grounds that people go through to end up in addiction or life of crime.

Our educational workshops and sessions are not just for the children and parents. A huge part of what we do is holding staff training sessions. This equips your staff with high-level knowledge and vital mental tools to help detect early signs of substance misuse, while also adequately enabling your staff to have a better understanding of current trends, how their roles can help bring down rates of violent crimes and addiction and dampen stereotypes.


Another part of how we are helping to tackle substance abuse is by working with housing associations. Research shows that many of the most vulnerable individuals are tenants of housing associations and council. This results in homelessness, which causes a continued pathway of self-destructing, further abuse and crime. We offer support to individuals, allowing them to seek the correct support consequently helping to prevent homelessness. To achieve this we run workshops and work with individuals 1 on 1.


We understand that there are some more vulnerable than others, and for those individuals, we offer a one-to-one service as well as support in referrals to appropriate services for long-term and additional support. Unfortunately, due to cuts in services, it is becoming more difficult for individuals to be referred to specialised organisations for additional support. We are here to help you get the support you deserve.

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