On the eve of the Labour Party conference, the British Chambers of Commerce is today (Sunday) calling on Gordon Brown’s new Government to set out its vision for the future of British business.

BCC Director General David Frost said:


“With businesses across the country clearly concerned about the present Global instability the government needs to send out a clear message of support. We call on Ministers from across Government to show how their department will contribute to stimulating Enterprise.


“The past ten years has been a time of unprecedented change in the world of business, with advances in technology and shifting global forces creating new opportunities and threats for small firms up and down the country. If we are to remain a successful global economy then improvements need to be made.

The BCC identifies a number of priorities that Ministers must address at the conference:

  • Education ministers need to spell out plans for a highly skilled workforce. Too many employers still report the poor employability skills of young people. We must also encourage more young people to study science and engineering, able to keep pace with the rising number of graduates in emerging markets
  • Transport - ministers must promise to invest in a road and rail infrastructure able to cope with modern demands, alongside international links equipped for modern global pressures
  • The Chancellor must show that he understands the burdens that businesses face and is acting as a brake on their growth

 David Frost concluded:

“So far the new government has sent out encouraging signals about their commitment to business, including the welcome announcement of a review into Small Business policy. It’s time now to start setting out firm plans. If enterprise across the UK is to thrive for generations to come, delivering growth, jobs, and innovation, the Government must put business success at the heart of its agenda.”