The awards are in their 20th year and the judges were seeking to shortlist candidates based in Hertfordshire whose growth, ambition and quality of management has enabled them to deliver on a compelling business strategy.  Evidence required included:

  1. Strategy – evidence of a vision/strategy that included a Business Plan
  2. Business Performance – controlled growth, sustainable and strong performance in the context of the property and construction industry
  3. Employment & Training – showing that they create new jobs and manage staff innovatively (with staff development and pastoral care as its heart) to match business needs.

Matthew Cooper, Business Development Director is very pleased with Woodhouse’s success and attributes it to the company’s passion for delivering excellent customer service at every stage of the process: before, during and post workspace design and build transformation. He commented, “I'd like to thank all the staff who've worked so hard to help make our business the success it's become. The Woodhouse Culture and its people are as important to our business plan as any other component. Their enthusiasm, extensive product knowledge and dedication to client satisfaction have made all the difference, helping the business to go from strength-to-strength. Operating within the construction sector, Woodhouse has continued to flourish despite working through three recessions, nationwide skill shortages, business restructuring and the prolonged uncertainty leading up to Brexit. We would again thank our team and our valued clients for all their support over many years.”

Woodhouse is a family business that combines a reputation for innovation with a long history of excellence in construction. For more than 40 years Woodhouse has been helping organisation achieve high quality workspaces. Follow on Twitter @woodhouse_wksp