Ahh Hello!

So why the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance?

So where do I start?

My Story

Back in February 2015 started as a normal Sunday.

“See you later’’ I said to my wife Teresa, as I closed the door and went out on my normal Sunday run.

I like to run the beautiful tracks in and around the woods in the Goffs Oak and Cuffley area.

2 miles into the run I suddenly felt very dizzy.

And that’s all I remember.


I woke up in Queens hospital, Romford.

“Paul, Paul” I could her my wife calling me. As I opened my eyes I saw a beautiful and very worried Teresa.

“Where am?” I asked

“Hospital” replied my wife.


What had happened was I had fainted head first into a very shallow, and muddy ditch.

I lay there for quite some time with my face in the water, slowly drowning, until my now and forever hero and friend Pascal Mcmanmon spotted me.

Pascal pulled me out of the ditch and immediately tried to resuscitate me.

Whilst applying CPR he also managed to call an ambulance. The brilliant crew of the EHAA landed their helicopter in the field right next to me.

I then spent 3 days in a coma and finally a few weeks resting in Queen’s Hospital and Barts Hospital.


It was due the bravery of Pascal and the speed, experience and professionalism of the EHAA, who all brought me back to life.

With the amazing help of the staff at both Queens and Bart’s hospital and with the support of the best and loving friends and family. I am proud to say I am fit and well today.

So how do you pay back people who have saved your life?

You help them to make sure they can continue helping others.

It’s a fact that without Pascal and EEAA I wouldn’t be here today.

These guys are purely funded by the charity, crazy or what!

They need approx. £500K per MONTH, to survive.


If you are going to give to charity this year, please consider EHAA.

I never thought I would ever need them.