Route 66 once epitomised the American dream. The route took in eight states and 2500 miles as it linked Chicago in the east to Los Angeles in the west. Christened the “Mother Road” it has legendary status in popular music and film.

As interstate highways became established the road fell into decay as the towns it linked were bypassed. But today the spirit of Route 66 lives on. The people and places encountered along the journey make this the greatest road trip of them all.

Through a series of captivating images photographed over ten years Martin Smith has documented Route 66 during several journeys covering its length and breadth. A series of these images depicting the road, its old diners, gas stations and restored neon signs will be shown in this exhibition in Hertford, 20 miles north of London.

Martin will be available at selected times to meet visitors and discuss the stories behind the exhibits.

Martin Smith is a Hertford based documentary photographer. His extensive travels over five continents have resulted in a body of work that includes some of the world's most famous as well as lesser known locations. His work is on display in hundreds of homes and businesses (including hotels on Route 66) and has featured in the international press. This is his first exhibition in his home town.

For more information and to see Martin's work please visit:


Julie Scarr, Courtyard Arts 01992 509596

Martin Smith 01992 535 344.