London in 2012 has been a remarkable place. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic  games and then the Paralympic games have all captured the public’s imagination.

One of our members, Mr Smith World Photography has been photographing London for the best part of a decade and has featured the city in all its glory during the past few months.

Martin Smith, the man behind the lens, and the founder of Mr Smith faced up to the challenges of capturing the 2012 events with real determination. The dreadful weather of the early summer created its special problems, but frequent visits to the capital ensured he was able to build his portfolio. He considers the highlight to be the evening of the Olympics closing ceremony where he captured the changing daylight, the neon light shows and the fireworks at the end of the 17 day extravaganza. A close second were the walks along the Thames capturing the bridges in their unique 2012 colours.

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