We have partnered with LSI, oneĀ of the UK's leading utility brokers, to help our member businesses reduce the price they pay for energy. LSI has over 18 years experience and offer a 'one stop shop' for energy procurement needs.

Energy charges are one of the largest costs facing any business. As commercial energy prices continue to rise, such costs are becoming ever more important in absolute and relative terms. Energy management and sustainability schemes have helped businesses to consider the amount of energy they consume as well as looking more closely at the price they pay for energy.

Chamber Energy Services include:

  • FREE assessment of your current energy contracts - LSI are offering members a free independent analysis of their existing business contracts with no obligation
  • Options to reduce your commercial Gas and Electricity rates - Due to LSI's purchasing power they can negotiate up to 25% savings
  • Dedicated Account Management - LSI offers each client a personal Account Manager who will be available to help with any account queries
  • Energy Management and sustainability - LSI offers energy audits and advice on how to decrease costs by implementing energy saving procedures
  • Siteworks and Metering - LSI offers on-site project management and technical advice in regards to both gas and electricity supplies and meter installations
  • Government CRC Scheme Support - LSI offers a state of the art online reporting service to assist clients in co-operating with Government Legislation. The reporting allows businesses to monitor their energy useage and carbon emissions in aid of reducing their carbon footprint

To recieve your FREE independent assessment of your current energy contracts please contact Chamber Energy on 08000 19 95 95 or email save@lsiutilitybroker.co.uk